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Ruth worked for Virgin Atlantic for 10 years before leaving to become a Teaching Assistant at a local primary school. She enjoys running (although she’s always injured), cycling, swimming and travelling. With 3 children scattered around the globe, she now only has Muffin and Pip to look after...and Rick obviously.

Something not many people know: I once successfully applied for a job as a magician’s assistant because I thought it was for a clerical job at Granada Studios in Manchester.


Luciano is our friendly and enthusiastic Assistant Manager. He’s currently learning about the art of brewing and is always keen to know more about new beers and ciders as they become available.

Something not many people know: I’m also a skilled guitar player!


Rick does something ‘in computers’ but we’re still not sure what. He loves running, cycling and beer (often combining all three) and has always been a huge fan of cask ale. He started brewing a couple of years ago and has enjoyed collaborating with numerous local brewers to create some wonderful beers.

Something not many people know: I once sat in Upper Class on a Virgin Atlantic flight to Los Angeles chatting for an hour to Stewart Copeland from The Police 

without having any idea who he was.


Muffin is our beloved pub dog. She’s 14 years old now but still thinks she’s a puppy. She loves crisps, biscuits and cheese and hopes people will fall for her puppy dog eyes. Don’t do it.

Something not many people know: I met Richard Madeley in Cornwall and he tickled me under the chin.

Meet the Team

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